Angus Cheung is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer based out of Hong Kong. Cheung has been making films after creating a trailer for a fictitious feature film in grade 9. Since then, he has written, directed, edited, and occasionally acted in his short films. Specifically, he specializes in creating works that focus on the psychological turmoil and social frustrations that everyday people face in their lives. Through his dramatic narratives, Cheung intimately explores the intense emotions of individuals in crisis, feelings of depersonalization, and instances of humanity and hope during personal hardships. In conjunction with working with the short form, Cheung is an avid digital photographer and has photographed landscapes, starscapes, publicity photos of the San Diego International Film Festival, and conceptual photography that revolve around the topic of bullying. Cheung currently attends the University of California San Diego as a Visual Arts Media Major. Traveling back and forth between San Diego and his hometown, Cheung typically works on short films with his personal crew in Hong Kong.